Coffee is an essential component of Ethiopian culture and society. A communal experience and a conversation starter and considered a symbol of friendship, respect and great hospitality.

It begins with the host, always female, spreading an assortment of fresh grasses and flowers on the floor and table. Buna ceremony is isn't just drinking coffee. It  provides opportunities to preserve cultural heritage as a strategy for overcoming forms of social isolation and disadvantage. In addition to creating a respite from day-to-day stresses, buna promotes social change. Buna gatherings are often used to conduct formal and informal meetings such as microfinance business meetings or life-skills training on topics such as hygiene. It creates a space for women to associate with and support one another. The ceremony enables participants to meet, talk, support; and especially where mental distress is associated with loss of social support, the Buna ceremony can be viewed as a mutual self help group, where individuals are involved in the maintenance of well-being.
Always a beautiful presentation, I have grown up  watching my mother, very elegantly and graceful hosting coffee ceremonies. A  multi purpose tradition I want pass on to my daughter.

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