Know your Porosity

Know your Porosity

Know your Porosity


Hey Gorgeous!

We’re guessing you know at least a little bit about low porosity hair, but if you’re still figuring out your natural hair, help is on the way :)

There are three types of hair porosity – low, medium, and high. Hair porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. 

Compared to medium or high porosity hair, Low  porosity hair refers to the slow or minimal absorption of moisture or liquids. It feels like product sits on top of your hair instead of absorbing into it.

The cuticles are closed on the hair shaft, blocking any moisture or liquids to be absorbed. Cream or liquids just lay on the hair having little to no effect. Think of  low porosity as a closed door where nothing can get in, having little or no effect on the hair.

Compared to Low or High porosity hair, Medium porosity hair relatively has a good balance of accepting moisture into & out of the strands. Water & formulas absorb & dry down without too much trouble.

Recommendations for low porosity hair:

  • Use Distilled water-based products  
  • Use our  Hydrating Conditioner 
  • Try a Pre-poo treatment. Pre -poo or Pre-shampoo is a method of applying an oil like Grapeseed or Jojoba or deep conditioning treatment before cleansing your hair. This step helps low porosity hair to retain its moisture and prevent stripping your hair from the use of shampoo. 
  • Wash your hair with warm water
  • Steam your hair! This is my absolute favorite hack! Invest in a hair steamer or heat cap to allow deeper penetration of hydration in your locks. 
  • Protect your hair at night with a silk or satin head scarf/bonnet or pillowcase

Recommendations for medium porosity hair:

We recommend washing your hair every week with a clarifying shampoo and using our Cleansing Co-wash in between deep washes especially during the summer. 

If your Go - To style is Wash N’ GO, use cold water to finish off your rinse to lock in moisture and combat frizz.  

  • Use our Hydrating Conditioner weekly as a mask.Make sure to do frequent moisturizing such as applying or Make sure to do frequent moisturizing such as applying or Curling Cream daily
  • Try a multi-step routine, but use lightweight products
  • Use microfiber towel when washing 
  • Protect your hair at night with a silk or satin head scarf/bonnet or pillowcase

Try them! You wont regret it

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